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Eruv Alerts

Eruv Alerts are email notifications that are sent when the Eruv status is reported. You may register to receive notice of all updates or only when the Eruv is down.

Although this service will hopefully be beneficial, please understand its limitations. First, the Eruv status is often not available until a few hours before sundown erev-Shabbos, and if you don’t typically check your email in that timeframe, then these email alerts may not reach you in time. Also, prompt delivery of email can be affected by congestion on the internet and responsiveness of mail servers at your ISP. So, again, there is a chance that an alert may not reach you in time. For these reasons you probably don’t want to rely solely on this service to notify you when the Eruv is down, and you should probably consult the Eruv status web page or call the Hotline at 416-350-2879 if you haven’t received the email notification in time.

A tip for those of you with digital pagers and mobile phones with text messaging: Your service provider may offer you a special email address that can be used to receive email messages on your pager or phone. If you have this capability, register this email address below to receive Eruv alerts on your mobile device. Contact your service provider to obtain the proper email address.

Occasional information regarding the general affairs of the Eruv may also be emailed to the members of this list.

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